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Zeitgeist international Biennial of Art 

Zeitgeist:  is an emerging idea shaping into an international biennial art event originating in Mississauga, Ontario. It aims to celebrates art in public and private spaces and invites the entire community to experience Canadian and international contemporary arts ,artists, curators , critical thinkers and inter-arts communities. The diversity of artistic mediums, aesthetic sensibilities and cultural perspectives will provide unique opportunities for an open dialogue and community engagement .

multi-sited, taking place in many non-traditional sites outside museums and galleries, they include international curators/writer/ artists; an emphasis is on different cultures and they usually include an educational component, associated symposia ‘ underpinned by a programme of research, residencies, commission.


Lord Cultural Resources has been appointed to develop the business plan for "Zeitgeist" under the leadership of Gale Dexter Lord.

The initial Think Tank event took place on  Monday July  6th, 2015 at the Noel Ryan Auditorium, Mississauga Central Library, Mississauga. For event press release visit the event page