About CCAI

Canadian Community Arts Initiative was founded in 2005 to promote a more effective role of arts and culture in Canadian community and to create opportunities for artists in the city of Mississauga and western GTA.

Built upon the principles of unique Canadian multi-culturlism the organization derives strength from the rich art, culture and heritage of the local community. With 4 major and highly successful annual projects involving hundreds of artists CCAI leads the local arts scene with innovation and excellence in production.

CCAI encourages research and development in arts and culture and serve as a platform. Organization's mission is to collaborate with people and organizations to plan and manage cultural places, programs and resources that deliver excellence in the service of society. CCAI distinguishes itself through a comprehensive and integrated full-service offering built on a foundation of visioning, planning and implementation. CCAI has education and training inbuilt into its project streams and has successfully provided its volunteers with the tools to achieve those goals; and promoted a legacy as a result of training and collaboration.

CCAI supporters are in all sectors including private and public corporations, foundations, governments and non-profit institutions. With a network of support, the organization conducts itself with respect for local adaptation, cultural diversity and collaboration, embodying the highest standards of integrity, ethics and professional practice. Please visit the website at www.communityart.ca to learn more.