Sarat Maharaj (UK)
Professor of Visual Art and Knowledge Systems, Malmo Art Academy, Lund University. He is Research Professor, Goldsmiths University of London where he was Professor of History & Theory of Art (1980-2005). He was the first Rudolf Arnheim Professor, Humboldt University, Berlin (2001-02) and Research Fellow at the Jan Van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht (1999-2001). As Distinguished Scholar, Pretoria, South Africa he is working on a series of visual-textual-film-sonic constructions called ‘Drakensberg’.

 With Gillian Wearing and Has Ulrich Obrist he curated The New Contemporaries, UK 1997. He was part of Okwui Enwezor’s curatorial team, Documenta XI, 2002. With Richard Hamilton and Ecke Bonk he curated: ‘Optical. Retinal. Visual. Conceptual…(Boijmanns van Beuningen Museum, Rotterdam 2001) He was chief curator of ‘Pandemonium - art in a time of creativity fever’, Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art, 2011. He co-curated the 29th Sao Paolo Biennial, 2010 and  ‘Farewell to Postcolonialism’, the Third Guangzhou Biennial, 2008. He was curatorial advisor to the Sharjah Biennal 2012

 His specialist research and publications cover Marcel Duchamp, James Joyce and Richard Hamilton – with writing on visual art as knowledge production, art research, Textiles, sociology of globalisation and cultural translation. 

Current project: ‘Ignorantitis Sapiens’: the ‘knowledge/ignorance virus’ looks at ‘what sort of knowledge is produced through art practice in today’s overwhelmingly ‘pansophic’ climate? This is explored through mapping the ongoing transmutation of London from a post-colonial city into a post-imperial, global plug-in zone. How are the migrations, housing issues, work regimes, city space and know-how routines shaping the rise of ‘a new design for living’, a ‘new urbanity’? Field observations are from his flat, from his Kitchen and Rooftop labs overlooking the demolition/construction turbulence in the patch of London he lives in – the ‘Knowledge Mecca’ called Bloomsbury. 

Asma Arshad Mahmood
Asma Mahmood is a visual artist and curator based in Mississauga. MFA from York University, she has exhibited her work on various national and international forums. Issues of identity and gender politics among immigrant communities and social activism have influenced her installation and painting. She has presented her work and represented her organization at many international biennials and art forums. She specializes in community based art and culture initiatives. As the curator for "VIRSA" , the visual arts project by Canadian Community Arts Initiative, Mahmood also serves as the Artistic Director and Co Founder of TD Mosaic, RTC and MISAFF film Festival. Asma is the artistic director of Promenade Gallery and Collective. She has curated number of exhibitions for public and private galleries. She has served on various boards as member and Chair.  Mahmood is the recipient of Queens Diamond Jubilee medal for her services in the arts and culture sector.

Yvonne Singer
Professor Singer was born in Budapest, Hungary. She received a BA in English Literatureat McGill and an MFA Honours from York University. She also studied at the Ontario College of Art and Design. Singer is an Associate Professor in the Department of Visual Arts and the former Graduate Program Director in visual arts. Her community activities have included boardmembership on the Toronto Arts Council, C International Art magazine and the Koffler Centre for the Arts. Professor Singer is a practising artist with an active national and international exhibition record. Her installation works employ multi-media techniques, often with cryptic texts to articulate cultural and psychological issues of disjuncture and perception. Singer is particularly interested in the intersection of public and private histories. Recent exhibitions includeThe Game of Life;1 stepforward, 10 stepsbackwards, art sourterrain and Nuit Blanche, Montreal, jstwrdsat the Cambridge Galleries, I do, I undo, Iredo, atCritical Mass, Port Hope, IIIIwawawantat the Convenience Gallery and the Gladstone Hotel, Gone Missing,LoopGallery, Toronto. In 2011, Singer was invited to present work at the Goteborg International Contemporary Art Biennial, Goteborg, Sweden.



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